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What our families are saying


A number of years ago the Museum  was fortunate to host a Hmong exhibit, created  by the Madison, Wisconsin Children’s Museum.  The Hmong exhibit featured examples of their life in Laos and other southeast asian countries.  Many Hmong people visited this exhibit and one elderly gentleman explained its significance.  The exhibit depicted  village life, their agriculture and the story-cloths they would embroider.  He appreciated the chance to show the history to his grandchildren, who otherwise would not understand his history at all.  It was extremely rewarding for me to realize that the Museum could have this impact.


My daughter in law worked there for many years. All 4 of my grandchildren spent a lot of great times there. Both my daughters 2 boys and my sons daughter and son. Breakfast’s with Santa, birthday parties there and just spending an afternoon there, then having a picnic lunch. Plenty of fun had.

Rosmarie Morlet

The children’s museum has been a big part of our family’s lives. My husband grew up in Whittier and remembers many visits to the museum as a child. When we move to the area in 2011, we became frequent visitors as well. My boys have enjoyed the rotating exhibits, sang many a song on stage in the dress up room, dug for a lot of dino bones, and ridden the carousel endlessly. The “Olympic games” donut eating contest is a highlight in my mind along with the visit from the knights of Medieval Times. The outdoor play passes during the shut down engages even my 12 year old. My 5 year old is looking forward to returning for the Halloween party this month and my 12 year old asked about Breakfast with Santa because that has always been a favorite of his. We are big fans of the museum and the amazing staff.

Kristina Rodriguez

My Granddaughters have been attending the Museum for about 12 years. My son and daughters started attending  over 35 years years ago. They loved the inside beehive. They also love the Merry go Round.
Years ago they enjoyed the hospital exhibit. 
Cora Garcia

I grew up with fond memories of visiting La Habra Children’s Museum with my grandparents, sister and cousins. During the summers, we visited several times and always enjoyed all the exhibits. After becoming a mother myself, I knew I wanted to become a member so I could pass on all those fond memories to my children. I spent countless mornings in the train room while my son joyfully ran around watching the train. I watched my daughter take her first steps in the Carousel Room. As my kids have grown, we love having La Habra Children’s Museum as part of our family’s traditions. Every year my family enjoys Breakfast with Santa at  La Habra Children’s Museum. Our Christmas tree is decorated with each years’ Santa pictures at the Museum! I am so thankful for having La Habra Children’s Museum in my community!
Allison Kale

The museum staff has always been my favorite.  We basically lived there when my son was 2.  Many of the staff knew us by name and always happily greeted us every time we were there, especially at the carousel!